So concerning the martyrdom of the saints as is reported in REV.17:6 that the Woman is drunken with blood, every good DICTIONARY can help you understand the scriptures as to what the Roman Catholic Church did in their turbulent history, when it had power to rule the Christian world for the first time between 538AD and 1798, after which Napoleon Bonaparte sent General Berthier to take Pope Pius VI prisoner to stop their rule. From the Cambridge International Dictionary of English, page 733, under the article INQUISITION, is written the following:
"The Inquisition (1232-1820) was the official organization within the Roman Catholic Church whose work was to discover and punish HERESY (= religious beliefs that are considered to be wrong). The Spanish Inquisition was the Inquisition that lasted until the 19th century in Spain, and which was established to protect Roman Catholicism and punish those people whose religious beliefs were considered wrong."

Even the late Pope John Paul II made a series of confessions during his turn as the head of the Catholic Holy See amidst some of his journeys outside Rome and was reported in the dailies thus: In the Ghanaian Times, one of Ghana's most popular dailies, on Monday, 22nd May, 1995, under the heading, POPE ASKS FOR PARDON FOR CATHOLIC ZEALOTRY, the pope openly asked for pardon for all Catholics as follows:

"Pope John Paul, trying to forge Christian Unity for the third millennium, formerly asked forgiveness in the name of Catholics yesterday for wrongs inflicted by the church on other denominations. The Pontiff made the plea as he conferred sainthood on a priest martyred during the 17th century struggle for religious supremacy between Catholics and Protestants, a canonization that has angered Czech evangelical churches. 'Today, I the Pope of the Church of Rome, in the name of all Catholics, ask forgiveness for the wrongs inflicted on non-Catholics during the turbulent history of these peoples, , he said at a mass outside the city of Olomouc on the second day of his visit to the Czech Republic. "

Also in the Vatican City Pope John Paul II made another statement about this same issue of asking for forgiveness which also appeared in the Daily Graphic here in Ghana on Saturday, 25th September, 1997 and was reported under the banner headline SEEK FOR FORGIVENESS FOR WRONGS --- POPE as follows:

"Pope John Paul has said in the Vatican city that the entire Roman Catholic Church should use the forthcoming start of the third millennium as a chance to seek forgiveness for its past errors and sins. " Paragraph 1
"In documents and in speeches in the last four years, the Pope has said the church needed to assume its responsibility for the Inquisition, which was marked by the forced conversion of Jews and the torture and killing of heretics. " Paragraph 6
"Jews have asked the Pope to issue a document before the year 2000 on the role of the Catholic Church during the Holocaust. They have accused wartime Pope Pius XII of turning a blind eye as the Nazis killed some six million Jews." Last paragraph.

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