Permit me to discuss something in the Holy Bible with you regarding a number that has been forbidden for years. This number which is associated with a certain King yet to rule in this end time is something without precedence in the history of mankind. When I say this, all that I mean is that there has been no time in man's history when a certain Code Number was used as basis for all Socio-economic activities on this planet since creation. But this time around, the book of Revelation unfolds some mystery in this regard and even forewarned that whoever would have anything to do with that dangerous number identified with the forthcoming king, shall be punished by God.


It is to this end that the effort was taken to conduct research about this serious warning in order to warn of the dangers ahead to humankind. One must note that it is a threat regardless of tribe, religion, country, colour, position, status, age or any other. So it behooves each and everyone to show much or greater concern for this particular issue .This is because the destiny of mankind shall be decided finally, based on this number in this end time. This number, '666', without which no man might buy or sell, will be forced on people in the whole world according to REV 13: 16-18.


Please bear with me that, even though the current minor economic hardship is a stumbling block to many salvation seekers, what if one's daily socio-economic activities are barred by such a procedure as to create many more hardships? In fact many will stumble and fall from the grace of God because of this 666 business code. Thus it is reported by the Apostle John that, almost the whole world population during that turbulent history of the 666 era shall easily accept the number of the Beast and worship him. REV 13:8


Another most important fact to note about this issue at stake is that Satan, knowing very well that Our Omniscient God, has already exposed his (Satan's) diabolical plan against humanity, has also engaged some quack people to distort facts about this to confuse people to either disbelieve it entirely or mislead others with wrong information. But my brethren, let me take this opportunity to suggest to you, don't take this as a joke. This is because everything shows that, this imminent event of the666 Kingdom is already at your door step. Hallelujah! Let God be true and everyone a liar. For the prophecies concerning this matter was not given by man's might, whereby we might doubt anything. Since they were by the powerful inspiration spirit of God  (2PET 1:19-21), whoever plays with it shall be snared thereby.

Though there are more predictions on this matter for discussion yet to fulfill: Could you also believe that, currently, most of what has been designed for humanity has already been fulfilled? Especially, on the issue of the use of MICROCHIP for easier identification, during the 666 reign as outlined in their own masterpiece which will be discussed below in the main body, so many things have already started surfacing in our time today as new socio-economic methods into our system. Think of the use of smart cards for business, free health and education policies in the world nowadays, debt cancellation for Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) and what have you. However, since those things mentioned above seem to be benefits to humankind, one would not bother so much about their inception and usage in our livelihood, hence the trap thereof. Honestly, I'm not trying to frighten you, but just to let you know what is ahead of us so as to enable you to avert the danger of falling prey to Satan's last-minute plot against us all.So, be enlightened with this piece of information for you by reading the whole article vigorously to grasp the total meaning of it and join us in the fight against this our common enemy who wants to deceive us in this end time. GO TO THE NEXT PAGE

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