So, I just want you to know that all that is being written about the forbidden number 666 is not based on fallacy, but a true story which everyone must follow and conduct more research  which can unravel all the secret plan of Satan against humankind. For instance there are many more details which prove beyond reasonable doubt that these people are more than ready for that world power.

Talk about their intention to make paradise on earth for humanity that might accompany them to the war of Armageddon; their acceptance of the fact that the bible has already predicted their inevitable historic triumph to work miracles on earth and to rule for only forty-two (42) months, and what you have are all clear indications stated in this masterpiece which create a lot of shocks.

The most serious one which really convinced me to believe in this 666 matter is their prediction about the leadership of the state of Palestine which was fulfilled in the year 1996 even though this masterpiece was prepared in 1989. Read it for yourself. It is quoted from page 7 under the subtitle "FREEDOM PLAN 666" CAN HELP TO SOLVE THE JEWISH-PALESTINE PROBLEM.

    (5) "In creating the new state of Palestine, the natural and historic leaders should be recognized. In our particular case, Jassir Arafat, should be President of the new state of Palestine". Could you believe that the late Jassir Arafat who was formerly PLO leader later became the PRESIDENT of the New State of Palestine in the year 1996 and ruled for some time even before his death? So what else do you want to hear before you will believe the piece of information I am giving you via this publication.


Well I know some critics would argue that maybe it is because they have read the bible about this issue, thus they decided to write something concerning it to confuse or deceive the masses. Dear reader, please don't have this thought, for if that be the case, how could their predictions about England's withdrawal· and Jassir Arafat' s presidency as outlined in their masterpiece quoted above be fulfilled? Remember that the Lord said in REV.17:17 that He had put it in their hearts to fulfill His will. Now I know that you have understood this little explanation substantiated with those various historical facts and current affairs.

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