Let us now consider the features of the beast, which we read from the early page of this article described as Leopard, Bear and Lion with the ten crowned horns and seven heads. As matter of facts, the features of this 666 Beast depict the kind of rule and culture that shall be exhibited during its rule like her predecessors (the four beasts). Indeed, the nature of their rule and traditions are the very relics and legacies handed over to the beast of Revelation 13. Concerning the Babylonian Empire, the beast was bequeathed with all the idolatry worship, precisely, IMAGE WORSHIP, which caused Shedrack, Meshack and Abednego to suffer at the hands of King Nebuchadnezzar (DAN. 3:1-25). This truly presupposes that the Image of the beast that shall be worshipped during his reign is no wonder at all. Hence, the lion-like mouth. REV.13:14-15

Also the way laws of the land of Persia could not be changed and thus made Daniel go through the trauma of being put in the lions' den is no exception at all, when we consider how people are going to suffer persecution during the reign of the beast. (DAN.6:1-25; REV. 13:7, 16). This also pictures and explains the Bear-like feet meaning, they will be so strong on their feet that, their laws would be unchangeable just like their ancestors.

Actually, it is very interesting to know that the kind of DOMINION the third beast of Daniel 7:6 had to rule the then world in the very shortest possible time, was beyond one's common understanding. This Dominion made it possible for the Greeks to have a deep concern over the affairs of the Hebrews (Jews) that, even up to date the Lord's nation stands on one side and the Greeks (the Hellenes) on the other side, in place of all other nations of the world. That is to say, during their regime, that world belonged to the Greeks. Hence, the Holy Bible referring to the Gentiles outside the commonwealth of Jews as Greeks (ROM. 1 : 16; DAN. 8:21), even during the reign of the Roman Empire.

As such, Alexander the Great, the first King of the Grecian Empire, was able to conquer the whole known world within a shortest possible time at his tender age to the surprise of many . He also killed masses and this is exactly what is going to happen in this last days' forty­-two (42) months government of the beast. REV.13:5,15 [6]

Again, games and amusements, which characterized the Grecian Empire, are going to be the legacy to the New Roman Empire of the West. You see, there is one thing people have to know about these two features, which the Ancient Greeks were so devoted to even up to date. They were associated with some form of idolatry and if one looks at this present world, we are almost all caught in that trap of idolatry amidst GAMES AND AMUSEMENTS. Precisely, there is nothing to be taken away from the hands of the New Roman Empire of The West as far as such legacies are concerned. This is also the Leopard nature of the beast power if one considers the rate at which sporting activities are deeply taking the whole world aback. Ultimately, during the reign of the New Roman Empire of the West in this last days no one should tell you how this is going to be encouraged.[7] At the moment there are all kinds of disciplines as far as Sports in general is concerned, not to mention soccer which most people cherish. But it is rather unfortunate that almost all these makers or players of such games even including their supporters and administrators engage in illicit idolatry by consulting juju men and other soothsayers for their selfish victory. So the Greeks symbolized with the Leopard like beast shall be emulated by their inheritors, the EU countries.

Quite apart from that it is a notable fact that games and amusements which began on mount Olympia to the veneration of the goddess Diana that fell from ZEUS among the Greeks is what have developed to this stage. Hence the organizing of OLYMPIC GAMES across the world since its inception by the Greeks for the veneration of their goddess. (ACTS 19:27-35)
As for the fourth beast of Daniel 7:7-9, the only legacy I would like to discuss with you here is concerning the TEN HORNS. The good Lord unfolded great mysteries to Apostle John as far as this matter in hand is concerned. Notwithstanding, every bit of information is very necessary in this study. Just recall some of the points underlined in this study about the Ten Toes of the dreamed image in Daniel 2, compared with the ten horns of Daniel 7 and understand what all this means. The main legacy here is that, Only Ten Kings or Heads of States from the ten Nations of the European Union should reign with the King (beast) with number 666. (REV.17:12) Why is it a legacy from the old empire? It is a legacy because history must repeat itself in this age. You see, during the olden time, the Roman Empire was eventually, divided into ten kingdoms, symbolized with the ten toes and the ten horns. In the Olden days they were known as Anglo-Saxons, Alemini, Franks, Suevi, Lombards, Heruli, Osthrogoths, Visigoths, Burgandians, and Vandals. They are the present day England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal and Holland.[8]But at the moment, those countries that shall have the same power at a time with Mr.666 have already been clearly stated in the masterpiece of Michel Smiley: And they are the very countries who since the introduction of the Euro currency in January, 1999 form part of the European Monetary Union. In actual fact, it is not all of those old countries that formed the then TEN states, that shall also have part in this current power to rule the world. As I have already outlined above in this studies, the masterpiece of the Project 666 makes it explicit those countries that form the real new ten nations. According to page four (4) they include GERMANY, FRANCE, ITALY, BELGIUM, HOLLAND, SPAIN, PORTUGAL, GREECE, SWEDEN, and IRELAND. I intentionally did not include England since she had already backed out of the Monetary Union to fulfill the prediction in that masterpiece concerning her withdrawal. If in case any of those countries mentioned above did not surface during the real implementation of the 666 time, never think that I had failed in my assertion. This is because if one carefully studies the quotation above about the prediction leading to England's withdrawal, it follows therefore that two or more countries shall also be lead by Great Britain's influence to withdraw: But finally, others may join to make the ten states to fulfill God's prophecy in REV. 17:12. Thus, the Revelation13 beast also having ten horns as its legacy from the beast of Daniel 7.

But to lay more emphasis on the fourth legacy, one must not forget that, it has already been established that the fourth beast of Daniel 7 is not anything different from the Beast of the 13th chapter of the book of Revelation. It is now only going to accomplish its job assigned to it to fulfill prophecy. That is why it has gathered all momentum to finish its duties in this last age. For that matter, let us now look at another important issue as far as her succession to the t fourth beast is concerned. Lawlessness is what we are going to look at as our next point.

Don't forget that, the prophet Daniel predicted that the fourth beast shall think to change God's laws: according to DAN. 7:25. Also another concern in DAN. 8:11-13, shows that there will be a great deal of Transgression during the reign of the fourth beast. So if the spirit of God used St. Paul to prophesy about Lawlessness or Mystery of Iniquity during the reign of the Man of Sin, we should be on our look out. 2 THESS.2:3-7

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