Arguably, the one who should carry the mantle as the KING whose number is six hundred and sixty-six (666) is not all that hidden from us at all, as far as our Lord's revelation to John is concerned. Remember, the holy prediction said 'for it is the number of a man': And this presupposes that the Lord really knew that One particular person would lead that kingdom and bear the number 666 and also make all his subjects he might have the opportunity to rule to be identified with his mark of authority from his father, Satan. So let us now find WHO it is to rule with this diabolical devilish mark.
Many believe The Pope of Rome has some inscription on his miter which he puts on or wears during pontifical high mass. Others disagree. This inscription could be read in Latin as 'VICARIUS FILII DEI', meaning in English as 'The Vicar of the son of God'. "Vicar means ‘one who replaces another.’’ But one important thing to note is that in ancient Rome they assigned a value for certain letters of the alphabet. They are called Roman Numerals. This means it is by the help of Roman Numerals that we would be able to determine who this single king is, whose number is 666 in the European political orbit, considering the explanations so far given.

Now let us do some mathematics with the Pope's alleged name on his miter: According to the Roman Numerals I=1; V and U have the same value 5; X=10; L=50; C=100; D=500; M=l,000. So let us calculate all the letters in that name as follows:

V — 5                  F — 0              D — 500

I — 1                    I — 1               E — 0

C — 100              L — 50             I — 1 = 501

A — 0                  I — 1

R — 0                   I — 1 = 53

I — 1

U — 5

S — 0 = 112         (VICARIUS  112 +  FILII  53 +   DEI   501 = 666) 

TOTAL = 666

What one need to know in the Roman Numerals is that any letter which has no particular value is given or represented with zero, hence the letters A, R, F, S and E among the letters calculate as zero (0).
Please don't forget what I have already mentioned to you in this study. The Catholic Church has a Seat for her highest hierarchy which is for both Religious and Political powers. This seat or office is what is called the Papacy. Any Pope that ascends the throne as the chief priest puts on his miter once in a while for pontifical high mass.

Though our studies has come to some conclusion point with the ascertainment of the actual person whose number is 666 that shall rule the world for Satan's sake, we have more to do as far as this particular topic is concerned. We shall now consider the rest of the major points as could be seen in the description of the beast in the book of Revelation.
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