For instance, let us consider some more common features between the fourth beast and the composite or amalgamated beast of Revelation as follows:

      1.  In Daniel's vision the fourth beast has ten horns just like the composite beast of revelation. DAN.7:7; REV.13:1

      2.  The little horn of the fourth beast has a mouth that speaks great things like that of the 666 beast revealed to John. DAN 7:8; REV.13:5

      3. Also the fourth beast should wage war against the saints of the Most High God and the same thing must happen during the reign of the beast of Revelation. DAN.7:21; REV.13:7

      4. After the reign of the fourth beast shall come the kingdom of God when judgment shall be given to the saints of God. In like manner the beast of Revelation which is also described in REV. 17:3, 7-18 should be the last kingdom that should reign just before the coming of the terrible judgment of God. DAN. 7:23-27; REV.17:7-11.

      5. Despite the fact that some detailed explanations need to be made in this area, the time frame for the beast's power and that of the fourth beast of Daniel's vision are the same in the biblical records. The fourth beast was given time, times and half a time (i.e. three and half years) and the reign for the beast of Revelation is also forty-two (42) months which is also three and half years. It is only through historical records that, we see something different regarding the time frame for both sides which will be explained later in this same paper. DAN.7:25; REV.13:5


Now considering these five comparative features above, we now know that the fourth beast of Daniel's vision would help us to understand better what God wanted all truth seekers to know through His revelation to John about this composite beast. So like Daniel, let us all try to be very inquisitive in this matter to ascertain every necessary explanation about these two books that unfold mysteries. DAN.7:19


According to Daniel 7:17, the four beasts should be four kingdoms in this world and since history attests to the fact that there had been four great world empires, there is no need to waste time in finding out the various empires that have ruled the world before. According to history books like MAKERS OF CIVILIZATIONand LANDMARKS OF WORLD HISTORY as well as some ENCYCLOPAEDIAS, Babylon, Medes and Persia, Greece, and Rome were the very four great empires we are talking about.


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